Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'Get in the Hole' and the 10 Most Annoying Fan Acts at Sports Events

Tiger Woods' advancement to day four of the U.S. Open at Olympic guarantees fans will be seeing—er, hearing—more of another person, too.

Good ol' "get in the hole" guy.

Just as the red shirt on Sunday and the tiger puppet club covers do, this chant has come to symbolize Woods, like it or not.

For most, it's the latter.

Granted, most will persevere through the shenanigans and enjoy themselves. Still, in every moment these comedians put their talents on display, we all cringe, shake our heads and mumble unpleasantries under our breath.

"Get in the hole" guy doesn't ruin it, but he—along with many other sports venue perpetrators—sure has a knack for being annoying.

Here are the 10 worst offenders.

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Gerard Piqué Xabi Alonso Iker Casillas

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